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It all began when Todd and his wife, Jayme, bought their first house in 2006.  With rooms to renovate and paint, and repairs that needed to be addressed, Todd quickly took an interest in "DIY" projects when time and resources allowed. Through research, trial and error, and learning from professionals, Todd's experience and skills have turned a house into a home. As word spread about Todd's work, he has been sought out by other homeowners to complete their projects. myDIYguy launched in 2015.   

Our Values

Honesty: First and foremost, we are honest and transparent in all of our dealings.  

Excellence:  Every job is completed with the highest quality, as if the work was being done on our own home. We always use quality materials, reputable vendors, and we never lower our standards.  


Timely:  We honor our client's time, beginning projects when we promise, and finishing them by the agreed upon completion date.


Customer Satisfaction:  No job is done until the homeowner has a smile on their face, and says, "WOW!".  



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